Hi there! I'm Alex.

I am a storyteller with a camera.

And I want to help you capture your stories and memories.

I love to photograph people.

The laughter, the joy, the giggles, the smiles, the anguish, the anticipation and the soulful eyes. I love how a single photograph is able to capture and hold the memory of a loved one in eternity, as if the moment is forever replayed and cherished.

With 20 years experience in photographing people from all walks of life, I have come to learn that all of us are bonded by our family and friendship ties. We constantly reach back to find the comfort of each other's company and be comfortable being ourselves. This is why I started this business. I want to help you capture those precious memories of you with your loved ones - family and friends.

So drop me a message so we can start a conversation on how your stories and memories can be forever captured in posterity.